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A World without Borders | Aeromexico | Mexico

Aeromexico, the largest airline in Mexico, obtained a considerable amount of revenue from flights from Mexico to the US, but not so much the other way around. They needed to create a big, bold statement that reached as many people as possible with a total budget of $80,000.

Aeromexico turned DNA tests into discounts. The more Mexican Americans were the bigger the discount. The online campaign generated 1.6 billion media impressions and increased tickets sales from USA to Mexico by 33.7%

#NoConditionsApply | Times of India | India

In 2017, The Times of India sought to break a 400-year old tradition of division and turning it
in to one of acceptance. For the first time, unmarried women, divorcees, widows and the
LGBTQ community were welcome to join in the celebration of Sindoor-Khela.

More than 100 temples opened their doors to ALL women in 2017 and 2018. In 2018,
because of the success of the campaign in 2017, 60 more temples joined in. For the first
time, The Times of India disputed leadership in Kolkata with The Telegraph to become the
#1 English newspaper in the city.

#BrailleBricksForAll | Dorina Nowill Foundation

19 million children are visionally impaired, yet there are not many materials adapted for
their education. The Dorina Nowill Foundation for the Blind sought an innovative resource
to improve life for the visually impaired and those around them. As an NGO with no budget,
they created #BrailleBricksForAll to amplify their message.
#BrailleBricksForAll got over 141 million impressions and 3.7 million interactions. The largest
toy manufacturer in the world not only became aware of the idea but was willing to
produce it. The Lego Braille Bricks are already in use in Denmark, Norway, United Kingdom
and Brazil. By 2020, it will be distributed free to a further 16 countries.

The Business of Gender Equality | BI Norwegian Business School | Norway

To help recruit international students, the BI Norwegian Business School created a campaign
based on the insight that there is overwhelming evidence that a higher labour force
participation rate by women increases economic output and increases the gross domestic
product (GDP).

Norway can demonstrate this with 72.4% Norwegian women employed, with the average in
OECD countries of 60.1%, and could allow them to claim, “women are more profitable to
Norway than oil”.
BI had a 16% increase of accepted applications with 800 students making a video to show
their motivation to be part of the Gender Equality Experience.

The E.V.A Initiative | Volvo | Sweden

Women are 47% more likely to be seriously injured, 71% more likely to be moderately
injured and 17% more likely to die in a car crash. The reason? Most crash tests are based on
male crash test dummies.
To make cars safer for everyone, Volvo created a digital library with data from more than
43,000 collisions and 72,000 people, the research became open and free to any company to
learn from.
So far, the film has garnered over 85 million views and has reached over 70 countries. It has
appeared in over 450 articles and has over 280 million social media impressions. Volvo got
the world talking about an issue many people were unaware of.

Sensorial Tours | Ministerio De Turismo | Ecuador (2018)

Ecuador is world-famous for its flora and fauna which attracts tourists from all over the world.  However, many of these attractions were only accessible to able bodied tourists.  With the support of Ecuador President, Lenin Moreno, himself a wheelchair user, the Ministerio Du Tourism set about creating tours that were accessible to all.  They created the first fully accessible, sensory 2-day experiences for travellers with visual disability, hearing impairment and reduced mobility.

Since the launch of this sensory experience to make Ecuador a disability friendly nation, they have recorded an increase of 57% of disabled visitors to the country.

Club de Cuervos | Corona | Mexico

Club de Cuervos is one of the most popular Netflix series in Mexico and Corona sponsors the series and the team. Corona sponsor the team from Club de Cuervo as if it were a real one. T-shirts, caps and jerseys were sold all over the county and to celebrate the Club de Cuervos championship, press releases were launched digitally and in the press, culminating with the launch of the Corona and Club de Cuervos limited edition can.

The campaign garnered over 10 million impressions, more than 700,000 consumers posts and became the most sold beer on Amazon.  

Snelweg Sprookjes | Volkswagen | The Netherlands

Volkswagen created ‘Road Tales’, a location-based audiobook app that brings highways to life which through the car’s sound system encouraging children to use their imaginations and not their mobile devices

They scanned the entire Dutch highway system and worked with several illustrators and award-winning children’s book writers to make the experience feel both innovative ánd handcrafted. Car-stickers of the characters were given to schools and were handed out at dealerships.

The Road Tales app reached the #1 position in the app store’s book category within 3 days and over 30,000 tales were told on Dutch roads within the first month.

Hungry Puffs | Foodbank WA | Australia

Hungry Puffs is a product specifically created and designed to immediately engage grocery shoppers at the very moment they’re buying food for their own families.

At this “moment of truth”shoppers are compelled to support a much bigger cause – feeding other children who go without breakfast every day.

Hungry Puffs were stocked in over 40 supermarkets across Western Australia with the purchase price of $5 going to the charity who could use it to provide 10 children with their next meal

62k boxes of Hungry Puffs were sold raising $312k and donations to the Foodbank doubled during the campaign.

The MSunderstood Café | Roche Products & MS Ireland | Ireland

To improve access to MS treatment in Ireland an experiential pop-up café was created on a busy street in Dublin to demonstrate the symptoms and provide insights into the daily challenges faced by people with the illness.

Hidden cameras captured customers’ reactions and the resulting video encouraged viewers to take action at the campaign website.

The campaign reached over 13 million in a country of 2 million adults and resulted in a meeting with MS Ireland and the Minister of Health.

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