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Strategic Category



The Balance Tipper

Strategic nous and creative chops will always tilt the scales in their favour.

The Strategic Category is sponsored by

If you prefer to take control of your destiny than read the runes, then this award is for you. The scoring in this category has increased weighting to the strategic thinking, effective planning as well as the scale and evidence of results.

The following areas will be scored:

  • Ambition and clarity of objectives - 15 points
  • Strategic thinking and effective planning -  25 points
  • Effective execution and implementation of plans  - 15 points
  • Scale and evidence of results - 25 points
  • Presentation of entry - 10 points
  • Quality and craft of writing - 10 points

Projects or campaigns can be Business to Business or Business to Consumer and to an internal or external audience.

2.1 Brand Development

Submissions can cover all aspects of brand development from a new product, service or innovation to a brand extension or brand revitalisation.


2.2 Digital Strategy

Submissions are invited that demonstrate effective development of digital strategy including efficient use of appropriate channels and platforms as well as innovative marketing tools. This could include case studies from the Tech and Data Sectors.


2.3 International Marketing

Submissions can cover any aspect of marketing used to develop business and brands in an international market or markets.


2.4 Integrated Marketing

Submissions are invited from any project or campaign that demonstrates strategic and creative excellence as well as the effectiveness from a sales promotion or direct marketing campaign.

This award is supported by The Scottish Government.

2.5 Marketing Planning and Insights

Submissions can cover all aspects of marketing planning from the development of capabilities and resources to market research leading to customer and consumer insights.

This award is supported by Jump Research – The Marketing Society Scotland Research Partner.


2.6 Marketing in Society

Submissions are invited that demonstrate marketing effectiveness and a positive impact on society, including the environment and health, whether they are cause related, charity or not for profit.

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