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Thanks to our 2020 Awards Judges

All members are invited to be involved with the Star Awards judging. Members at all levels will be allocated categories to score the case studies online. Business Leader members and invited judges with category insights will be invited to sit on the panels which decide the shortlists and winners.

If you’d like to take part as a judge, please register here.

The judging dates are Wed 24 & Thurs 25 March and Tues 4 May. Judges will be allocated either a two hour morning or afternoon session assessing entries where there is no conflict of interest. If there is any potential conflict of interest the judging chair should be informed at the start of the session.

Judges must score the entries online at least 48 hours prior to attending a panel session.

The online scoring will influence the judging but may not determine the shortlists or winners.

The final decision will be made by the judging panel with the judging chair having the casting vote if required.

The judging chair also reserves the right to recommend reviewing entries in other categories.

A maximum of 6 entries will be shortlisted in any category Gold, Silver and Bronze awards will be rewarded in most categories if a minimum standard has been achieved

Over 140 judges took part in scoring the entries this year across 24 different panels. 

All members of The Marketing Society are invited to score allocated entries online with Business Leader members taking part in panel sessions to decide the shortlists and winners.

Huge thanks to our judges for volunteering their time and effort to be a judge in the 2020 awards. All judges can be viewed below. 


Judges from the 2020 awards

Aileen Rushton - STV Creative
Ailsa Graham - Tesco Bank
Alan Wilson - University of Strathclyde Business School
Alexei Matveyev  - IBM
Ali Tuck - Edrington
Alison Gibb - University of Glasgow
Aly Bayne - Innis & Gunn
Amanda Hamilton - Edrington-Beam Suntory UK
Andrew Breen - SQA
Andrew Robbie - Sky
Anna Quinn - Frame
Anna Vaughan - Royal Bank of Scotland
Anne Phillips - Edrington-Beam Suntory UK
Ben Black - Sunshine Communications
Ben Roberts - Boardwalk
Bethan Mackenzie - WIRE
Brian Coane - Leith
Cara Chambers - International Beverage
Carol Prest - DC Thomson Media
Carole Bold - VisitScotland
Caroline Hill - The Marketing Society
Caroline McGrath - The Media Shop
Caroline Olechowski - Guy & Co
Cat Leaver - VisitScotland
Cate Nelson - Shaw Yellow Book Consulting
Catriona Summers - Guy & Co
Charlie Crawford - MediaSpark
Charlotte Bell - Republic of Media
Chris Anderson - Edrington-Beam Suntory UK
Chris Melvin - Sunshine Communications
Christine Stamati - Union Direct
Claire Arnott - Edrington-Beam Suntory UK
Claire Wood - Scottish Government
Colin Banks - SSE
Dave Everson - WIRE
David Craik - Bright Signals
David Handling - STV
David Roberts - Multiply
Dora Czerny - The Union
Ed Vickers - Royal Bank of Scotland
Elise MacDonald - Lux Events
Emma Degnan - RBH Hospitality ManagementGareth Edwards - Deloitte Digital
Gill Petrie - STV
Gillean Mclaren - DC Thomson Media
Gillian Wylie - Frame
Gosia Paterson - Sainsbury's Bank

Graeme Atha - The Marketing Society
Graeme Davies - French Duncan
Gregor Urquhart - Scottish Government
Gus Chalmers - Union Direct
Guy Vickerstaff - Royal Bank of Scotland
Heather McKinlay - Fraoch Marketing
Hilary Joiner - Stripe Communications
Hugh Burkitt - The Marketing Society
Ian LeBruce - Ignite Your Brand
Ian McAteer - The Union
Iby Bakos-Tonner - Alexander Daniels
Jacqueline Reid - Volvo Construction Equipment
Jaimie Anderson - Whyte & Mackay
James Pais - Frame
Jane Cannon - Ian Macleod Distillers(Edinburgh Gin)
Jane Strachan - PUNK
Jane Wilson - MediaCom
Jayne Watson - MediaCom
Jennifer Emslie - Sunshine Communications
Jillian Shields - SQA
Jim Kelly - Story UK Ltd
Jo Coomber - National Galleries Scotland
Joanne Lynn - Lux Events
Joe McAspurn - Ignition Marketing
John Bernard - Dexcom
John Botia - Spirit-Level Associates Ltd
John Denholm - Denholm Associates Ltd
Judith O'Leary - Represent
Julie Kirwan - Edrington-Beam Suntory UK
Juliet Simpson - Stripe Communications
Juliette Wilson - University of Strathclyde
Justin Hutton-Penman - Flock
Karen Andre - The Union
Katrine Pearson - 3x1 Group
Keli Mitchell - Frame
Ken Dixon - The Union
Kenny Nicholson - Whyte & Mackay
Kirsteen Beeston - Whyte & Mackay
Kirstin Stevenson - STV
Laura Jones - Multiply
Lee Beattie - WIRE
Linzi Clingan - Parsley Box
Lisa Sutherland - Spirit Level
Lisl MacDonald - Spring Atlas
Louise Fraser - Jump Research
Louise Killough - The Union
Lucy McQueen - Whyte & Mackay
Lyn MacDonald - Golden Charter Ltd
Lyndsay Snoddon - The Union
Marina MacIver - Scottish Enterprise

Mark Gorman - Think Hard
Martin Boath - Front Page
Martyn Wilson - Royal Bank of Scotland
Matthew Mitchell - Clear Marketing
Megan Reid - STV
Melany Haslam - Edrington-Beam Suntory UK
Melissa Rynn - WIRE
Mhairi MacLeod - LUX - The Food & Drink Agency
Michael Hart - The Union
Michael O'Donnell - SQA
Mick Doran - Sainsbury's Bank
Morna McLelland - Stripe Communications
Natalie Henderson - The Lane Agency
Natalya Ratner - Shoply
Nathalia Tjandra - Edinburgh Napier University
Neen Kelly - Bluebell Scotland
Niamh Curran - Whitespace
Pam Scobbie - WIRE
Patricia Pieroni - SQA
Paul Condron - Edrington Group
Pauline Aylesbury - Scottish Government
Peter Sanchez - Heriot-Watt University
Petra Cameron - Royal Bank of Scotland
Rebeca Moss - Represent
Rebecca Ramsay - Edrington-Beam Suntory UK
Rob Catterson - Brand Scotland
Robin Baird - Market Gravity, a Deloitte Business
Rod Gillies - The Three Stills Company
Ross Macdonald - MadeBrave
Sara Webster - iProspect
Scott Rinning - Bright Signals
Sheryl Thomson - Union Direct
Simon Watson - Republic of Media
Steven Doherty - Standard Life Aberdeen
Stuart Mackenzie - Frame
Sumeet Ambre - Edrington-Beam Suntory UK
Svein Clouston - Rationale
Thea McGovern - Leith
Tom Hills - WIRE
Valerie Weaver - Multiply
Vicki Wright - International Beverage
Victoria Allison - STV Creative
William Wright - Cycling Scotland

Awards Night

17th June 2021

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