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Judging Information

Seen some killer campaigns in your time? Love the craft of a well-written paper? Have your say. All members are invited to be involved with the Star Awards judging and will be allocated categories to score the case studies online. Members at Leader level and invited judges with category insights will be invited to sit on the panels which decide the shortlists and winners.

If you’d like to take part as a judge, please register here.

The judging dates are Tuesday 21st March, Wednesday 22nd March and Thursday 4th May 2023. Judges will be allocated either a two-hour morning or afternoon session to assess entries where there is no conflict of interest. If there is any potential conflict of interest, the judging chair should be informed at the start of the session.

Judges must score the entries online at least 48 hours prior to attending a panel session.

The online scoring will influence the judging but may not determine the shortlists or winners.

The final decision will be made by the judging panel, with the judging chair having the casting vote if required.

The judging chair also reserves the right to recommend reviewing entries in other categories.

A maximum of six entries will be shortlisted in any category.

Gold, Silver and Bronze awards will be awarded in most categories if a minimum standard has been achieved.

Entrants will be provided with their average scores, if requested, across the various judging criteria.

We anticipate that the judging will be held virtually via Zoom.

Judges from the 2022 awards

Adam Bell - Orckid
Adam Smith - The Gate
Adele Thomson - Stripe Communications
Alasdair Wallace - Material
Alexis Ovenstone - Edrington UK
Amy Peters - Dynam
Amy Slesinger - MadeBrave
Andrew Pyke - Research Chamber, Chamber of Commerce
Andy Gray - StudioLR
Anna Vaughan - RBS
Barry Fearn - Lane Media
Cara Chambers - International Beverage Holdings
Carol Prest - DC Thomson
Caroline McGrath - The Media Shop
Catriona Rist - The Union
Cat Summers - Guy & Co
Chris Bruce - The Lane
Chris Melvin - Sunshine Communications
Christine Stamati - Union Direct
Claire Munro - Zero Waste Scotland
Claire Prentice - Scottish Government
Claire Wood - Scottish Government
Clare Willis - National Trust for Scotland
Dan Sear - MediaCom
Dave King - StudioLR
David Handling - STV
David Roberts - Multiply UK
Deborah Mackay - Republic of Media
Donna Harvey - STV
Dora Czerny - The Union
Douglas Brown - The Union
Emily Hall - The Union
Emma Campbell - Union Direct
Emma Hallington - VisitScotland
Emma Preston - Edrington UK
Fiona Gray - Equator
Fiona Hunter-Wood - Diageo
Gemma Bell - Stripe Communications
Gill Jarvie - Republic of Media
Gill Petrie - STV

Gillean Mclaren - DC Thomson
Gillian Wylie - Frame
Gordon Eldrett - MediaCom
Graeme Atha - The Marketing Society
Graeme Davies - French Duncan
Gregor Urquhart - Scottish Government
Gus Chalmers - Union Direct
Guy Vickerstaff - Bright Signals
Hugh Burkitt - The Marketing Society
India Morrow - Strathmore Foods
Jacqueline Reid - Volvo Construction Equipment
Jaimie Anderson - Whyte & Mackay
James Pais - Frame
Jane Stewart - MediaCom
Janice Hutchinson - ICAS
Jenifer Spinks - Beam Suntory
Jo Coomber - National Galleries Scotland
Joe McAspurn - ALT
John Bernard - Dexcom
John Denholm - Denholm Associates Ltd
Jordan Kay - Sunshine
Josh Fardell - The Leith Agency
Kieran Healey-Ryder - Whyte & Mackay
Kirsteen Beeston - Beam Suntory
Kirsten Spence - Edrington
Kirstin Stevenson - STV
Laura Haggerty - ALT
Lisa King - The Union
Lisl Macdonald - Spring and Atlas
Lorna King - Hymans Robertson
Louise Fraser - Jump Research
Louise Killough - The Union
Lyndsay Snoddon - The Union
Maddy Sim - Dentsu Aegis
Mark Gorman - Whitespace
Matthew Mitchell - Big Partnership
Matthew Turner - Publicis
Michael Hart - The Union
Mick Doran - Noggin The Brain People
Miranda Shannon - Multiply UK

Morna McLelland - Stripe Communications
Naomi Hassall - Multiply UK
Nat Ratner - Robotical
Natalie Henderson - The Lane Agency
Nathalie Agnew - Muckle Media
Neen Kelly - Bluebell Scotland
Nicola Moir - Atomic10
Paddy Baxter - Frame
Pamela Scobbie - John Doe Group
Patricia Pieroni - SQA
Paul Borthwick - The Lane Agency
Paul Mason - Go Forth
Paul Menzies - Tennent Caledonian Breweries
Peter Sanchez - Heriot-Watt University
Petra Cameron - NatWest Group
Rachel MacKenzie - Strathmore Foods
Rachel McMullan - The Union
Rachel Rennie - VisitScotland
Richard Kelly - MediaSpark Ltd
Richard Marsh - Channel 4
Rob Catterson - Brand Scotland/Scottish Enterprise
Ross Macdonald - MadeBrave
Sallie Bale - The Lane Agency
Sarah Baillie - StudioLR
Sarah Rowe - The Union
Sebastien Gratiot - Beam Suntory
Sheryl Thomson - Union Direct
Shona Smith - Gofor Finance Ltd
Simon Crunden - Republic of Media
Siobhan Nicolson - ICAS
Sophie Devonshire - The Marketing Society
Steph Forsyth - Innis & Gunn
Stuart Mackenzie - Tennent Caledonian Breweries
Thomas Cheeseman - ICAS
Tom Hills - John Doe Group
Tracey Paxman - Studio Something
Valerie Weaver - Multiply
Victoria Allison - STV Creative
Victoria Milne - The Leith Agency

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